Welcome to my site!  It's been a while since my last update...live with the pain. 


I had dinner with David Prowse - Darth Vader! For pics and a full report on everything I asked him about (the vital questions, like "Who would win - the Enterprise or a Star Destroyer?") go to

David Prowse
Dinner With Darth!

Revenge of the Jedi stuff

I finally went home and photographed my Star Wars posters. There are a LOT of them, all original. They include Revenge of the Jedi stuff and foreign posters - and a few really neat items that you probably have not seen.


The Bad Guide to Star Wars Blooper lists, but more importantly the Star Wars Drinking Game and the Star Wars Drinking Game for Non-drinkers!

Here's a page devoted to an X-Wing I saw sitting in some guy's driveway.

The Bloom County Star Wars strips by Berke Breathed.

Remember theStar Wars comic strip by Russ Manning that were reprinted in Classic Star Wars? Yeah, I cut them out of the paper...Whatta pack rat. My mom has always hated that.


I always kept the backs of my Star Wars figures when I was a kid. They were really useful...I could circle the figures I had and give the back to my mom so she would know which figures not to get me for a gift. Also, when a freebie for proofs of purchase came out, I was in prime shape to send out a bunch of proofs. Being a packrat, I still have them...so I scanned in one of each type I had. They include the original Star Wars figures, figures with offers for Boba Fett with firing missile, figures with the Boba Fett offer strangely blacked out, and figures with offers for a free Revenge of the Jedi figure (Admiral Ackbar.)

Figure page

And this is an old one...but remember to celebrate May 4th, Star Wars Day...May the Force be with you!