Yep, I actually clipped and kept the Star Wars comic strip from the newspapers. I had thought I'd lost them until I was rooting through my Star Wars boxes and found this old yellowed envelope. JACKPOT! Someday I really have to pull all my Star Wars stuff out of my parent's attic and see what's there...I just need a room to hold it all first.

There are spots where I think I'm missing a strip, I put a note where those spots are. The story still reads quite well, though.  Someone was kind enough to fill in a few holes, I appreciate that!  You can tell as their scans are clearly from a different source.

I only had a few strips of the second series, so it cuts off. Oh well. There are a total of 42 strips. For the convenience of those who don't want to keep clicking a link, then the back button, then waiting, etc, I zipped up all the files and this HTML page into Be warned, it is 1.6 megs. If you download it, just unzip it and then type the directory you put them into in your browser to use the attached page (this page.) Or just use your own slide show. Whatever.

Tattooine Sojourn


Missing one.

Missing one.

Missing one.

That's the end of "Tattooine Sojurn". I only have a few of the next series.

Princess Leia, Imperial Servant