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I saw this sitting in some guys driveway in Tullahoma, TN. Neat. Evidently, a big corporation there was owned by a Star Wars fan who got this. It was supposedly used as a prop in Star Wars, in the background, but I cannot verify that. It was in bad condition, but a local high school restored it and put it on wheels. It is now used in local parades - this guy had been in a parade or something and the X-Wing was in his driveway waiting to be returned. The guy did not know very much about the X-Wing, or even Star Wars...

I got this e-mail from Jim Perkins:

The folks that own the x-wing you describe are the
Marcums. Mr. Marcum is the president of Micro Craft,
Inc. in Tullahoma, TN. His wife Fran is the
CEO and chairman, and daughter of the founder, Charles
Earle Folk. I have been told that the x-wing was a
birthday gift for their son Chad. I don't know where
it was built, but I know that Micro Craft did some
work on it before they presented it to Chad. I've seen
it in parades from time to time, but mostly it sits in
one of the storage areas that Micro Craft owns.
Incidentally, Micro Craft has been designing and
building aerospace hardware since 1958. Interesting
twist, huh?
Finally, I got this letter...I was kinda pleased to get it too! Wish someone would give ME an X-Wing!!

I think you did a great job on telling the story of the
X-Wing. My name is Chad Marcum and yes the X-Wing was given to
me for my 7th birthday. Although I would like to correct you
on the (Lincon School) part. It was not Lincon scool but Tullahoma
High school that helped restore it. I am sorry I don't have my
E-mail address, this internet stuff is new to me. Right now I am
at Micro craft, and when we get the modem hooked up at the house
I would love to hear from you. Thanks again for the great job you

Thanks again,

The laser cannons were detachable - they were on the lawn.

In the next shot, you can see some writing on the side - it says "X-WING FIGHTER". Somewhere else it says "TULLAHOMA HIGH SCHOOL". That was the High School that restored it, they added the writing.

Here's a shot of the cockpit. The dials were old car dials, none were hooked up in any way. The switches you see were hooked up to lights, I'm not sure where the lights were since they were not working and I didn't see them. (The laser cannons? Engines?)

The back of the cockpit, someone would sit here and wave I guess.

The R2 unit on top.

For interest, here is a picture sent to me of Leia's bounty hunter outfit, as it is now displayed.

If you have pictures of any other used props, costumes, etc, send 'em on - I'd love to see them!

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