So I was having a political debate with my friend, Joey Morgan.  Joey asks me if there is any way I'll ever vote for George Bush in 2004...I said, sure.  If he comes to my house and cooks me dinner, I'll vote for him. 

Joey says he'll vote for Kerry under the same conditions.  A-HA!  This is the moment I've been waiting for!  I sprang into action and dropped an email to John Kerry's web site:

Iím a Democrat in Georgia.  A republican friend of mine (a schoolteacher) and I have been having fun debating politics, and I think Iíve created a opportunity to win a single vote.  Iíve got him to say that if John Kerry comes over to his house and makes him dinner, heíll vote for him.  SoÖI decided to write and ask for John Kerry to go over to his house and make dinner for him.  (He says that if John Edwards comes over that will also be acceptable.)

Joey did the same to Bush's web to sit back and let the free dinners come rolling in!  How could any presidential candidate turn down such an offer?  One free dinner, one vote!  I'm sure Kerry and Bush will be calling any moment ... any moment now ... still waiting ...

Sept 29, 2004

I heard back from the Kerry campaign today!  WOO!  They said:

Hello, Evan,

Thank you for extending such a kind invitation to Senator Kerry to make dinner for your friend in Dallas, Georgia. The senator is truly appreciative of your interest in him and our campaign.

Senator Kerry has enjoyed all of the time that he has been fortunate enough to spend in Georgia and meeting with Americans all across the country. Unfortunately, I have no dates to suggest at this time in which the senator would be able to take advantage of your invitation. However, I will pass your thoughtful offer along to the senator's campaign staff in Georgia, in the case that they are able to arrange an event with you in the future.

Again, thank you for opening this possibility for Senator Kerry. Please keep up your great work and support!
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I replied with:

Honestly just getting a reply back made my day... (I can be very easily amused.)

We'll continue to hope. Joey says he'd also accept John Edwards making him dinner, by the way. I think he's just getting hungry. It's close to dinnertime. But it'd still be the first time he's ever voted Democratic, so I said I'd hold him to that.

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