It's been cold here in Atlanta lately.  I really haven't liked that, as I don't think it's supposed GET cold here in the south.  I used to like it cold, back when I lived further north in Virginia.  Then I moved south and my blood got if it's below 70 I start looking for heavy winter jackets.  My friend Rich from New York came down and he wandered about in a short sleeved t-shirt while Karen and I bundled up in jackets and scarves.  I suspect that he secretly enjoyed showing us up, too. 

So I decided to do something about this cold weatherSo after some thinking, I did what came naturally.  I wrote the Governer, Sonny Perdue.  I explained to him about this cold weather problem, and asked him to do something about it. 

So today (Feb 9, 2004) I got a call from the Governor's office.

It was a very nice lady named Pam...she just called to see if there was anything they could REALLY do for me.  I suspect she was really just calling for the heck of it herself, actually.  She said the letter made her laugh.  I asked for a weather control device such as was demonstrated on the Simpsons, and she said they'd get right on that.  Well, something to that effect, anyway.  Honestly, the weather has been a bit better since I wrote, so I told her that I had just figured that the warming was the governors doing and thanked her for it.  She laughed.

Karen says that she is waiting for the men in the little white truck to show up.


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