Bubba Ho-Tep

Joey and I went to see Bubba Ho-Tep and became fans of it.  It's the story of an aged Elvis teaming up with JFK (who's skin has been dyed black by the government) to fight the mummy.  It also stars (well, not so much STARS as much as I really liked him) the Lone Ranger.

So we did what came naturally...we made costumes from the movie!

We went to Chattacon with this...it was fun.  The pictures are from Chattacon.  I'm the Lone Ranger and Joey is Elvis.  He hand beaded his jumpsuit...my wife made my PJs and mask and I scavenged the rest from shopping.  (I got cap guns but they didn't come in time...it's harder to find cap guns than I thought!)

I submitted these pictures to the web site.  The web master wrote me back...and I even ended up getting a note from the director, Don Coscarelli!  To make things better, he copied in replies from Bruce Campbell and the writer Joe R. Lansdale!

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