Here's a letter I wrote to the Nestle Corporation on Nov 5th, 2004.


I am writing you about my recent experiences with your Pixie Stix. I have a large amount of these left over from Halloween. I brought them into my office for my normal use, which is to suck them down during long team meetings, where I can sit in the back trying to stay awake by ingesting large amounts of sugar.

Well, this morning I made myself some coffee, thinking I would try this fashion to wake up properly. I normally make it with artificial sweeteners. I tasted one of the artificial sweeteners by itself for the first time, and discovered that I didnít care for the taste. So I made it with normal sugar instead. It tasted pretty much the same. But after the discovery that I didnít like the artificial sweetener, pretty much the same wasnít good enough. I wanted to strive for excellence. I wanted to taste the flavor and become a member of the coffee generation.

So I poured a grape Pixie Stick into my coffee.

Frankly, it wasnít bad. The grape flavor was subtle, yet gave the coffee an extra dimension. Surprisingly, the strongest difference was in aroma. You could really smell the grape, even over the coffee scents.

My wife is a manager of a Starbucks Coffee shop. She made several negative claims about my personal sanity when I told her about this, but then admitted that she and her employees would have to try this for themselves.


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