I wrote this letter to Krystals, August 9th, 2005


Recently I bought a new car for my wife.  She's very pleased with it and quite excited to have a new vehicle.  She is pregnant and due in a few months, so during the car buying process she became quite hungry.  We hadnít been to Krystals in a few months (sorry about that) so I offered to take her to Krystals on the way home.

Given our long break from eating there, the Krystals tasted even better than usual.  Each savory bite was better than the next.  It was, to be brief, a fantastic meal.

Unfortunately, it completely overshadowed my buying my wife a new car.  Iím not really sure how that happened, but the meal is the big memory of the evening.  Sure, we drove there in a new car straight from the dealership, youíd think that would count for something, but no.  Iím rather upset about this.

So I am writing to demand an apology.  I now understand the peril and will endeavor to go to Krystals BEFORE memorable events, but at the time I was completely unaware.  Although, thinking about it, Iím not certain going before would have helped.  I probably just need to go more often so that we are not hit so strongly by the Krystal shock effect.

At any rate, I am awaiting an apology.  Until then, to show my protest, I will restrict myself to NOT HAVING CHEESE on my Krystals.  I know this is a strong measure, but I feel itís the best way to protest.  Of course I normally donít have cheese, but this is precisely why this form of protest is so startlingly effective.

Thank you!


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