Xander and Piper preparing to be escape artists.


Christmas was nice, and wonderful that we had a white Christmas, which delighted the kids.  Xander got a guitar, and you can see Karen teaching him some chords.  As for the snow ... we had a big snowball fight.  Then the neighbors came out with their kids and we had a MASSIVE snowball fight.  We then made Fort Awesome the Second, and built a snowman.  And later, Xander helped me take down the Christmas lights.



The big snow was beyond cool.  It's being called Snowmageddon.  Piper's mittens kept getting waterlogged so I covered them with latex gloves this time - weird looking, but kept her hands dry and warm.


There was enough snow for me to try to build an igloo!


Which came out as more of Yoda's Cave than an actual igloo ...

But I'm still fairly proud of it!