Some pictures from right before Xander's graduation from pre-K. He's looking like a boy more than a toddler, which is depressing. He also looks a LOT like me, which is awesome.

These are from Piper's fourth birthday party. Her candles scared her (she's in a phase where everything does) so she curled up until Xander rescued her by blowing out the candles.

Random pictures ...


Karen and I had been talking about this jacket and helmet so the kids had to try it on...



Xander scored some cotton candy on July Fourth which made him happy. Also a picture of him with his girlfriend Maria. They are in pre-K together.


Decorating eggs for Easter.


We met Mom at the Grand Canyon, these are pictures from that trip.

 I went a little way down the trail early one morning before anyone got up, these are pictures of the trail. The edge of the trail is a mile deep drop. It's quite the hike. I didn't go very far down the 9 mile trail though.


 Xander wanted to go, so we went back together. Yes, I was holding his hand fairly tightly! But he did great!

Grandma reading to Xander at bedtime ...





These are two pictures I had taken for the magic business. Interesting ... I like them, but while I love the one with the lit marble I look way too serious.