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The commander of the graduating training squadron reviewed the troops records.  He was looking for standout individuals, troopers worthy to serve Lord Vader himself by joining the famed 501st Legion.  He pulled out a handful of trooper records with recommendations to graduate boot camp with top honors, discarded a few of those, and ended up with two troopers from the camp of thousands he thought worthy of the 501st.  Then came the process of pulling out troopers not worthy of the white armor, troopers who would serve their term digging latrines and peeling potatoes.  Finally, he took a list of special request troopers, requests for troopers fitting special physical or mental characteristics for special operations. 

In the middle of those requests, he caught the name of the 501st again.  He read carefully.  "The 501st needs a trooper who gives no value to the empire, one so easily expendable that his death will be no loss at all.  He will spearhead suicide missions, his presence drawing fire and exposing the position of the enemy so that more qualified troops can then attack the revealed positions.  When we don't have the proper scanning equipment, he will test fields for landmines by running about on the field to see if anything detonates.  He must have a mental attitude that will allow him to charge into these suicide missions, preferably one of supreme confidence in his abilities to survive - as that will cause him to unwaveringly charge into peril.  His ability to fight is inconsequential."

The commander knew of the perfect candidate immediately: TK830.  Just the other day he had watched this troopers qualifying round with his rifle.  His sergeant had set a target up against a barn.   TK830 missed the target completely.  In fact, he missed the barn.  Then he proceeded to give advice to the next trooper, a medalled sharpshooter. 

The sergeant currently had TK830 peeling spuds.  The commander gave the 501st's request to his sergeant, who found TK830 in the medlab with a bandaged hand (he had cut himself badly with the potato knife).  The sergeant smirked to himself as he led TK830 off to what he believed to be a very short career in the 501st.  As for TK830 - he was just delighted to be joining such a prestigious group of troopers!

Now join us and read about the incredible adventures of TK830 in the 501st Legion!

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