I've been working on a Stormtrooper outfit lately.  Here's my starting point...st1.jpg (56567 bytes)

I got those white ABS plastic peices from Galaxy Trading.  After a lot of assembling, gluing, velcro-ing, and accessorizing, it looks not too bad!  Here's a picture of me and some friends as we wandered Lenox Mall in Atlanta on Halloween 2000...I'm the stormtrooper on the right, between Vader and the Moff.

Halloween 2000.jpg (170922 bytes)

I am a member of a group of Star Wars costuming folks, called the 501st Legion.  The local group is the Georgia Garrison

Here's two of my two favorite pictures.  The trooper on the left is Jimmy Burns, TK1025, and the center one is me, TK830.

PlanetHollywood_02.jpg (239033 bytes) PlanetHollywood_03.jpg (276530 bytes)

I'm a magician, so I got cocky and started doing walkaround magic at the restaurant tables at Planet Hollywood while the Garrison was there.  A child was heard exclaiming how much he liked the "Magic Trooper" by Moff Seinar (James Smith), so I am now the Georgia Garrison's Magic Trooper!  (Light Field Entertainment Division)

PlanetHollywood_12.jpg (171111 bytes) PlanetHollywood_13.jpg (173360 bytes) PlanetHollywood_14.jpg (165841 bytes)

Some Klingons joined us.  Here's a set of shots as we posed outside.   Note Chris, the fifth person from the left, in the sort of blue/grey Klingon uniform.  Note how serious he is in this shot.  Here is a Klingon who works hard and takes his duties seriously!  Meanwhile the left most Klingon takes advantage of this opportunity to renew ties with the Federation.

PlanetHollywood_21.jpg (179315 bytes)

Chris is  starting to loosen up in the next shot!  Yep, he's remembering that those who work hard, PLAY hard!  And the leftmost Klingon shows his respect for his Klingon peer as well as the Feddie.

PlanetHollywood_22.jpg (194369 bytes)

Notice the first Klingon giggling into his hand as Chris suddenly notices this ultracool Troopers in front of him...

PlanetHollywood_23.jpg (161393 bytes)

Could it be?  A Klingon giving bunny ears to a Stormtrooper?!   Inform Lord Vader immediately!  Action must be taken!

PlanetHollywood_24.jpg (167638 bytes)

And a closing shot.  TK715 and TK830 undressing.  I'm not sure what to caption this shot.  All I can say is that is the best expression I've ever seen someone make while adjusting their codpiece...

marta7.jpg (143529 bytes)