Celebration II Pictures

The best first...the march to the RCA dome and back.  This was pretty much my own view of it...not the best pictures but it's what you'd see if you were in it.  I was in the back row near the middle.


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Other's pictures of this...

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Official Picture!

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A golf cart used by the local staff...I thought it was quite clever how they decked it out.


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They had backgrounds you could use to take your picture...so here is Joey Morgan and I guarding the Falcon.  I like this.

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So tired...and just time for a nap before my next shift checking badges...then another shot I got of me waiting to check out after a shift...I SWEAR I was sober in both pictures!

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Ramjet made this picture for me since I have written proof in autograph form that Carrie Fisher loves me...plus I got to bodyguard her in full Stormtrooper armor.  Whoo-hoo!

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I had an imperial R2 droid on display in the R2 builders room.  It got me an exhibitor badge, which was cool.  The guy NOT in the trooper outfit it Don Bies, the chief R2 wrangler for Lucasfilm.

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A closeup of the remote system I mocked up. 

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Some shots of the way the dome is mounted...

And I mounted the action figure inside...it's MiniMe!

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