The Georgia Garrison of the 501st in the Multiple Sclerosis March, Atlanta, 2002,
hosted by the Georgia Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Each picture is linked to a larger shot.

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Our four intrepid troopers: Joey Morgan, Keith Seedorf, Evan Reynolds, and Karen Kerns.  We signed up for a 5K march.  We figured it wouldn't be so bad...then the day before the temperature shot up and it was predicted to be in the nineties.  AAARGH!  Fortunately it wasn't so bad that morning...we were a bit nervous.

We managed to raise around $5000...of course about $4000 of that was done by a single trooper, Karen Kerns, TK7776.  She RULES.

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One advantage of the 501st being a numeric name...we have first listing!  And our own check-in booth!  Albin, you planned it this way when you named the group, admit it.  The trooper is the team captain, Evan.

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Naturally the Vikings knew the importance of stretching before an attack.  So does the 501st.

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And the march is under way.  Dang, there were a lot of people.

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Marching five minutes...are we done yet?  Dang it's hot. The helmets start to come off...and Joey says to heck with strolling and shoots ahead at a rapid pace.

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Our two intrepid handlers, Ian and Anita.  I suspect they were laughing at us for thinking that doing this in armor was a good idea.

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OK, to heck with helmets.  It was HOT.  I better not hear any gripes about how my helmet keeps coming off at events.  That means YOU, Bob!  I'm watching you!

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I'm pretty sure Joey was thinking "Eat my dust, loosers!"

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Yeah, taking a picture will give us a rest...good idea!  Picture time!   Whoo-hoo!  Aren't we pretty?

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Joey gets further and further ahead...

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I think these shots were when we were on a clearly marked course with guides everywhere and managed to get lost anyway.  Guesss we needed a Scout trooper with us.  So we asked...we (and several other folks, I swear it wasn't just us) were told we'd wandered onto the 10K track.  Catastrophe!  Fortunately it turned out we were on the right track and the guide was confused.

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Keith crosses the finish line to the adoring applause of his fans.  I don't know where they came from.  Keith just always seems to have fans showing up.

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More fans for Keith.

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"All right buddy.  I think you've walked quite far enough.  What's this?  AHA!  Gatorade!  On a Powerade only walking course!"

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Random pictures.

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They were giving out medals but were out by the time we finished.  So we showed them a bit of our imperial MIGHT and they coughed one up anyway.  Or Keith or Joey sweet talked them.  I'm not sure which.  Maybe the guardian of the medals turned out to be in Keith's fan base.

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Oh yeah, armoring down.  It felt GOOD.  Joey, being funny, told us that he wasn't going to wash his body suit, just leave it in the trunk.  He insisted he didn't usually wash it.  Ha ha!  Then he forgot the body suit, and at our next event later that week discovered an odor to rival the garbage compacter on the Death Star.

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I love how Joey always manages to look dignified no matter WHAT is going on.

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Joey drinks Diet Coke, and you should too.  COME ON, SPONSORSHIP DOLLARS!

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I don't know either.  I just liked the look on Keith's face when I saw the picture.

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I just got a package in the mail from the MS Walk folks.  I opened it up, found a letter, some pictures...and two beautiful plaques!  The plaques were very shiny and reflective...and thus very hard to photograph - but here's a picture of each plaque.

First is the plaque saying we reached Bronze Level in donations.  This was achieved by Karen Kerns all by herself with the rest of us adding a little bit on top of that, so I gave her this plaque.

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And secondly, a plaque for being the most spirited team!  Whoo-hoo!

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The letter they sent said:

Dear Evan,
Thanks so much for your participation in the 2002 MS Walk.  As a first year team, we're so excited that you've already reached Bronze Level and won most spirited team.  I think we also have the most pictures of 501st GA Garrison and we look forward to seeing you in 2003!
Jennifer & Nicole

Needless to say I was quite pleased.  Here are some of the pictures they sent me.

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