The Ceremony

See that crazed look? She knows what she's in for! You'd HAVE to be crazy to marry ME!

I love this picture. It was on one of the disposable cameras that we left around...whoever took it, you're wonderful!

I love this picture even more - it was on the same camera. This is our favorite picture so far.

We're LICENSED! That's right! Licensed to LOVE, baby!

Us with our action was fun having figures that matched our costumes (Karen hand made the dress for the figure so that it'd match!)

There's that crazed look again...

Whoo-hoo! Cake for everybody!

Pulling out a slice...

I had a knife, but she disarmed me easily with a kiss.

Cutting the R2 cake. I can't believe she made me a R2 cake! And the cake itself was even blue! She loves me.

This was where I gave her a bit of cake, and Chris sings out "You're gonna get FAA-AAT!"

More cake cutting...I loved this cake.

So since I loved it so much, you get to see even MORE pics of me cutting it.

The other wedding cake...which paled in comparison.

Another shot of was pretty. It just wasn't R2.

The cake toppers...I liked that we managed to pose them with Vash's arm around Trinity. It pleased me a lot.

Ooo! Finally! A good shot of the R2 cake! I had to fight temptation to put a LOT of shots of this cake up...

but here's another one from a different angle. I only gave in a little bit.

"Please, sir, may I have some more?"

I think this is the cutest shot of Brandi EVER.

Is Keith pimping again?

Bev says she gets 25% of whatever Keith makes, or the Mos Eisley Party will have to rumble.

Huh. She married me, and yet somehow she still manages to look happy!

They only come out at night...Jenna's 80's prom queen costume was ADORABLE!

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