The Party

Just a lot of random shots from the party...

I have no idea, but it's a great picture.

Oooh Paula! I may be married, but it's still not too late for us...

Lynn and Linda - during the ceremony several folks (including me) saw Linda and thought she was Karen briefly. I thought these costumes were classic!

Hmmm...which one is more ultra-violent, my drugies?

My coworkers came! They'll never look at me the same way again...

Lynn says that once you go AlIen, you'll never go back.

Even Jack Sparrow says that AlIen is best!

And AlIen is unmasked! It ... really IS an alien!!!

Arrr ye scurvy alien dog! Heave to and prepare to be boarded!

Ohhh! A non-scurvy land lubber! Let's board her instead!

Karen in the that a pimp in the back? Hey! No pimping the bride!

Man, no caption will do THIS picture justice. Speaking of justice...guess how the British Empire punished their pirates?

Lucy has that "You're gonna get some justice yourself if you don't watch out!" look down pat.

Leslie and Jason ...I just keep hearing the Fonz saying "Heeeeey!"

Someone brought bad movies and it wasn't me! I SWEAR!

Lynn tries to convince me to run away with her to Mexico...

I vant to suck your blood, you cute vixen! Do you mind? you don't mind do you?

Ian gives up asking...he TAKES what he wants! And the whammy is put on the women!

It works! Fin gets totally distracted while Ian checks her out!

Ian is now the master of his domain!

What the hell...?

Ahhh! They work hard, and they play hard! Then they rest hard.

Hey! Is JP hitting on my blushing bride?! He's in trouble. Check out that pose...he's totally hitting on her!

Shannon, in a valley girl pose that just confuses me when combined with the costume.

The Dread Pirate Jimmy. Get your own franchise, call now! Operators are waiting!

Ah, the lovely Paula. She was the stand in for the bride. If Karen came to her senses, Paula would take the fall and marry me.

You KNOW it's a good party when the Canadians go to sleep on the couch.


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