Setting up for the Party

The right side of the yard...

and the left side. Soon we will be living our own movie: The Amityville Poltergeist. But since this is a wedding, it'll just have to be the Poltergeist of Love!

The whole yard ...I tried to get the whole nine yards but that would take a wide angle lens.

Oooo! Folks are coming to help set up...I still can't believe Bryce came all the way from Canada!


The Wreath Of Doom

Bryce is a ROCK STAR!!!


Or she would be if someone hadn't covered the piano.

Mom also is a ROCK STAR!

Glenn gets ready for Trick or Treaters

Glenn and Shannon did so much work getting ready for Trick or Treaters...I really appreciate it guys.  But then almost no kids stopped by - the neighborhood just doesn't have many.  That was quite a disappointment.  But I appreciated it - thanks, guys.

Bryce, Julie and Fin came over to help Karen set up.  So we, along with my mom and Karen's mom, got the party stuff in place.  The cemetery was in the yard a few weeks in advance, but we set up lots of candles and arranged the inside of the house.


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