A Variety Show is 90-minutes of action-packed entertainment provided by musicians, magicians, comics, acrobats, jugglers, and all-around awesome performers designed to keep you and your family on the edge of your seats!

Nov Show

Upcoming show dates 

Nov 24th – Sunday, 4pm
Brittany Walsh, Payne, Mark Strivings, and the bluegrass band High Seagrass

Jan 26th – Sunday,  4pm
Matt Baker headlines!

What To Expect


The November show has me excited!

Brittany Walsh is someone I heard about a while ago and a I am THRILLED she is coming all the way up from Portland just to be in the show! She’s … well … go look at her website. Or the poster. I’m not even gonna try. She does hold multiple world records and is in Ripley’s Believe or Not – they even have a wax statue of her in their museums!

Payne is one of my mentors in magic … I love his sense of humor, I love his magic, and I’m excited he’s going to be in the show!!

Mark Strivings is a Denver based magician who happened to be passing through town at just the right time. He has performed in Broadway, Las Vegas, the Magic Castle in Hollywood and is one of the guys who creates magic effects for other and very high profile magicians. I’m thrilled that he happened to be in town and agreed to be in the show!!

And the bluegrass band High Seagrass is going to be playing as well. It’s gonna be a GREAT show!

Tickets are FREE but a reservation is requested so… click the button!


Facebook event is here!

Accessibility: Wheelchair lift available at the SW entrance (off Brooklyn Ave). Max capacity of 550 lbs. Call UHeights staff for assistance at (206) 235-8567 – or send someone to the Auditorium and we’ll send someone. Contact Evan in advance (magic@evan.org) if you want to make any special arrangements. Evan can also be texted before the show at 770-598-4987.

If you want to know what to expect at the venue and show, click here.

This project is funded in part by a Neighborhood Matching Fund award from Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.



This show has a simple concept. I keep going to see other performers and some of them are GREAT. But they are all performing late at night in 21 and over venues. I want to show some of these acts to my kids – but I can’t! And while prices are as affordable as possible, tickets can still be out of reach of many people.

So I am bringing these acts to a venue where you can take your family and where ticket prices will not be a barrier. The acts are NOT children’s acts – but they are family friendly and you will ALL enjoy the show – art should be accessible to EVERYONE.

There are magicians, jugglers, dancers, circus artists, hula hoopers, and more – every show is different, but will come let you and your kids see what people are doing in Seattle!

The show is about ninety minutes long.