Caption!I’ve been doing kid’s shows for years and love making them laugh. I have two small children of my own and have had parties for them — and I promise to treat your kids like my own!

My kid show is friendly, funny, and very entertaining for adults as well as kids. The birthday child gets to do something VERY cool at the start of the show, something fun and funny in the middle and at the end — so their day will be VERY special indeed!

The show is interactive, so as many kids as possible will help — and all of the birthday child’s siblings WILL get to do something cool!

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Also – I do a lot of birthday parties (I really love them!) I finally wrote up a bit of advice from seeing a lot of them (mostly trying to track good ideas I’ve seen) as well as locations I’ve done that I’d recommend. I’m geared to a typical living room, but if you don’t want to have it at your house then you need a good location! That is on my Party Advice page.